Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bienvenue a Lyon!

Bonjour a tous!

I'm coming to you LIVE from Lyon, France! Excuse my extra enthusiasm, I'm trying to capture that 1st day/1st post feeling, while in reality, TWO weeks have whizzed past me! So lets fast forward through the never ending flight to Paris, the suspended flight to Lyon, the late arrival, and lets not forget, the absent coach bus that forced a group of 17 estrogen filled, jet lagged, bitchin women to navigate Lyon's public transportation system while carrying hundreds of pounds (excusez-moi) kilos of luggage. (whew!)

Since that chaotic beginning, it has only gotten better! I have been at learning a lot and really enjoying myself. I find the culture here to be really laid back and easygoing. one of the first differences I noticed was shops and restaurants close everyday at lunchtime so the owners can eat lunch. I've never seen anything like it in the States. Also, they take the "Sunday as a day of rest" thing to new heights! The city is literally closed for business on Sundays. I've learned this the hard way for the past two Sundays, walking for miles to find a place to eat or buy food. But it's always an adventure! =)

Before my departure, I was a little bummed, that I would be missing the coveted American holiday of Independence Day, but I did get to spend Bastille Day (the French equivalent) in Lyon. We had the day off from school and as on any semi-holiday/Sunday everywhere was closed. But the the kabab stands were set up and people filled the streets that night for an amazing Disney World-esqe light show with fireworks. It was simply magnifique!

The people that I've met so far during this experience thus far have inspired me to look at my life as a stage play. They are all unique characters that make up a grand show! We have The Great Dane, The West Virginians, The Aussie, Sweetheart Ela, and our native guide Chole (who is sometimes accompanied by her HOT boyfriend Evan!) The stories are endless and one-in-a million memories. Too much to type now, but stay tuned!

A bientot!

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